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Second Wind Advisory Group, Inc. | Armonk, NY

Meet Our Sandler Training Team


Rochelle Carrington

Rochelle Carrington is considered one of the most funny and entertaining trainers around – just ask her!

She has a keen ability to take conceptual training topics and apply them to any industry. She thinks fast on her feet, challenges people to think differently and helps clients get results.

She is a lifelong student of sales and human behavior and skillfully applies that knowledge to enable clients to transform their beliefs and attain their ultimate success.

As the CEO of Sandler Training in New York, Rochelle advises, trains and coaches executives, salespeople and professionals in both large and small enterprises. She teaches them to develop stronger sales teams, create better hiring practices and lead their organizations more effectively.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership and sales, she “walks the walk” and makes clients believe in themselves, gain better personal insight and master the art and science of sales and management. She believes a salesperson is made, not born and that beliefs transform everything.

Prior to Sandler, Rochelle spent much of her career at some of the most highly regarded publishing companies including Conde Nast Publications, Hearst Magazines and Meredith Corporation. As an award-winning salesperson and sales executive, she recruited and led a national team at magazines including Glamour, marie claire, Teen and Golf for Woman. That all translates into a great ability to put an outfit together, but unfortunately not a great ability to golf.

Rochelle has built her training business into a seven-figure company in less than 7 years and is the top female franchise owner within the global Sandler network of 250 business owners. She consistently wins the top sales awards within the Sandler network. She regularly speaks at a variety of national associations across the country and is the author of a forthcoming book entitled Believe it to Achieve it . . . The Sandler Way.

Rochelle holds a B.A from Luther College in Decorah, IA, even though she grew up in Scottsdale, AZ. Her personal motto is “Laugh a lot, learn a lot”. She resides with her husband and two daughters in New York.

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Chief Operating Officer

David Mancusi

Dave is the process and productivity king. He is a rare breed of person that can take a very complex situation, boil it down to basic components and create a simple, elegant and incredibly successful solution. He makes everything in our company run more efficiently and effectively and seems to have great patience while doing it, although we secretly think he fakes the patience part. He is a crucial partner in creating our metrics, accountability and online systems making sure they are simple to execute and beautiful to look at – not such an easy task for a mere mortal, but lucky for us, Dave is Superman.

In his early years, Dave was called a “child genius” while working at a very young age in a highly successful IT managed services company. After 10 years moving through various roles, he took on a leadership position as CEO of a software company which he ran and grew for 4 years. His knowledge and experience as a former CEO gives him a unique ability to understand the demands of executives and coach them and their teams to higher levels of success and productivity. He is also a student of human behavior and can read you like a book before you know what hit you.

Dave has a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

He may be the smartest of the bunch, although that comes into question when you hear he has six children under the ages of 10 – including a set of twins! Dave has an aversion to paper and has forced all of us to become more technically advanced. He resides with his wife and 6 kids, yes 6 kids, in Connecticut.

VP of Sales

Sharlene Douthit

Sharlene Douthit has personality galore. The instant you meet her, you are greeted with a warm smile and can instantly feel her burning desire to help people succeed. Simply stated, Sharlene is whirlwind of positivity! Add to that her highly driven nature and you have a major power player in your midst.

Sharlene wears multiple hats at Sandler including sales, training and coaching. Her training sessions are lively, engaging and give clients simple ways to execute what they learn. As a sales/management coach she has a unique ability to uncover what is holding someone back and help them to discover new ways of looking at an issue so they can move more quickly toward their goals. In other words, she helps clients get results!

Prior to joining Sandler, Sharlene spent over 20 years in corporate sales and marketing roles for Fortune 100 packaged goods companies like PepsiCo, InBev and Diageo. She has been able to apply that high level sales knowledge to a wide variety of industries and enable growth minded professionals to take their game to the next level and create the success they truly desire.

In addition to loving sales, Sharlene has a passion for finances and is the founder of Financially Fit Females, a women’s financial support group with a mission to educate, encourage and empower women to make strong financial decisions. She is the author of "Financially Fit Females – The Book – Volume One", is a contributing author to
“Speaking Your Truth Volume 2" and is working on her third book “5 Simple Steps to both Health and Wealth”.

With all of that on her plate, we often wonder how Sharlene gets it all done - but somehow she balances a very full work life with a great personal life including hobbies such as traveling, cooking, running, skiing and caring for any animal she can get her hands on! In our office, we just refer to her as Wonder Woman!

Sandler Books

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.